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It’s more common to say “it was nice talking to you” especially when the conversation is casual. It does not necessarily mean that one person is doing all the talking (to others). When you say “it was nice talking with you,” it implies a more mean

Which is correct, “Thank you for talking with you” or 8/4/2019
“It’s always a pleasure talking to you”. Is this a correct 5/2/2019
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Is it okay to write ‘it was a pleasure speaking to you today’ on an email follow up after a tel


3/10/2009 · It was nice to talk to you on the phone > period at the end of the sentence It was nice to talk to you on the phone. I’m currently seeking a position in which career growth and earrings are commensurate with my ability and efforts I’m applying for an entry-level job

Nice to talk to you. vs. Nice talking to you. 9/2/2009
nice talking TO or With you – 19/3/2007


2/9/2009 · When you’ve met someone for the first time, can you really say that you “know” them? People say that all the time, but actually knowing enough about a person to use the blanket term “know them” seems like it should take more time and effort. You wouldn’t

30/7/2012 · Bonjour á Tous, Comment on dit en francais: ” It was nice speaking to you over the phone, I looking forward to seeing you next week. J’essaie: C’etait bien de parler avec vous sur le telephone, Je suis contente de vous voir la semaine prochaine

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18/6/2007 · It was nice to have a telephone conversation with you this morning. Nice talking to you on the phone / Nice to work with you. Nice meeting you in last week meeting I can prepare all samples in the end of June / at the early of June/in the beginning of June./in the mid

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“Nice talking with you” is also okay, and perhaps slightly more idiomatic. The expression is short for “It was nice speaking to you”, and this, in turn, comes from “Speaking to you was nice” by the grammatical process of extraposition, which substitutes “it” for a

[=while she is using the phone] Can you please turn down the TV? I am on the phone. He was on the phone when I arrived at his house so I let myself in. The phrase “over the phone” means that something is done using the phone as a way to do it. The .

It was nice talking to you over phone, sorry for the inconvenience caused due to bad network. As requested by you, I am sending my resume for your perusal. Hope, the same in

I will have an interview in English over the phone, and I am preparing for it. What I’m wondering is what will be the best way to greet the interviewer? “Hell, my name is _____. It is nice to talk to you or I am happy talking with you” I am confused it because if I meet

ประโยคภาษาอ งกฤษ It Was Nice To Talk To You., แปลว า ร ส กด ท ได ค ยก บค ณนะคะ, หมวด Greeting – การท กทาย – วล ประโยคภาษาอ งกฤษ แปลไทย

It’s not common practice to say “nice to meet you” on the telephone but, if an introduction was made on the call, then I suppose it fits. Dave: Sue, have you met Paul? Sue: No. Nice to meet you, Paul. If it was at the end of the call, a more likely thing to say would

Hey, I have to get going, but it’s been nice talking to you. 尼爾:沒問題,我等妳電話。嘿,我得走了,不過很高興跟妳聊天。本篇關鍵句 It’s been nice talking to you. 很高興跟妳聊天。 當你和朋友講完電話時,會以「再聯絡」或是「很高興跟你聊天」等做一個

Definition of nice talking to you in the Idioms Dictionary. nice talking to you phrase. What does nice talking to you expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

15/7/2016 · BokehCogar It was a pleasure talking / speaking with you”Talk to” not “talk with”. This seems a bit narcissistic. Don’t we allow the other party to speak? “It was a pleasure walking/dining with you.” Must we say, “It was a pleasure conversing/talking-and-listening with

Can I say “Nice to meet you” on the phone. I want to know the expression to the teachers when I take an English lesson on the phone for the first time. A good way to say something similar for a phone conversation is to say “it was nice talking to you” Or “it was

It was nice to talk to you. My response might depend on exactly who I am talking with, but I can think of the following which I would say at least some of the time. Note, since this is saying goodbye, or “leave-taking,” it’s okay to repeat the same words or use

It was very nice talking to you over the phone a while ago, As per our tele conversation please help us to check following. thanks. We have received inquiry for the ‘Led lights board’ from one of our customer from India market.. 12×15 pixel per inch outdoor unit

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Frequently asked questions about Nice Talking with You Q: What’s the difference between the phrases “Nice talking to you” and “Nice talking with you?” A: No difference, really. In some English-speaking cultures one phrase might be used more frequently than the

さて、またしてもレッスン最後の一言です。これは日常会話でも頻繁に使うフレーズなので、何度も使って反射的に出るくらいにしておくと良いです!It was nice talking to you!あなたとお話できてよかった!楽しかった!嬉しかった

Honestly, both are polite and correct. I would use “nice speaking with you” over the phone and “nice speaking to you” in person. Because over the phone your speaking with This depends on who you are talking to. If you are talking to a kid he bullies, then he won

It is nice talking with you./It is nice to talk with you. 对于别人指第三者(我不是指第三人称),可以用to,也可以用with. 如: I want to talk to your father. 本回答由提问者推荐 已赞过 已踩过 你对这个回答的评价是? 评论 收起 jw56 2008-05-15 jw56 采纳数: 48 获赞

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De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant “it was nice talking to you” – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises. I was listening to some conversations yesterday and it struck me, in fact I was talking to a

Many translated example sentences containing “it was very nice talking to you” – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “it was very nice talking to you

How can I help you? A: I would like to treat you to lunch tomorrow so I can get some suggestions from you. B: Sounds like a plan. Where would you like to meet? A: How about the new Chinese place next door? B: Yes, that would work well for me. A: I’ll join you

5/2/2008 · Best Answer: Both are correct grammatically! However, I would use. “It was nice talking with you!” if the conversation was two ways! “It was nice talking to you!” Is a better option if I was doing the bulk of the talking!!!

28/10/2019 · Talking with a customer on the phone can often be a difficult task. Without seeing an individual’s face, messages can become muddled and meanings misinterpreted. To improve your telephone communication skills, be sure to master the following tips: Projecting an

13/6/2011 · bitpicker, how is it possible to say these sentences in a different way? I just try to understand what function infinitive has in the second sentence. It’s nice to talk to you. = To talk to you is nice. You are nice to talk to. = ? May be You are nice for talking? It’s nice to

「意味」話ができてよかったです. ※会話を終わらせて,その場から離れたい時に使うフレーズです.ていねいな言い方です. 「英会話例文」 John: It’s been good talking to you, Bill. I hope to see you soon. 「ジョン:話ができてよかったよ,ビル.すぐ、また

Contextual translation of “it was nice talking to you over the phone” into Hindi. Human translations with examples: म आप स ब त कर. Translation API

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13/9/2019 · How to Talk to a Girl over the Phone. Talking to a girl on the phone can be nerve-racking, especially if she’s someone you’re interested in. Don’t stress, though — having a phone conversation with a girl is just like talking

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Today, the article is about some fun games to play over the phone that every couple should experience at least once to keep the relationship entertaining. I know you can do things and makes calls using your phone, Skype or any other social messenger. But what

14/10/2005 · 2. “When talking OVER the phone, always try to speak clearly”. Are “ON”, “BY phone”, “VIA” also possible here? 3. “Make any suggestions or complaints BY phone / VIA phone / VIA the phone. Otherwise, they will ignore you.” What abour “OVER the phone

15/7/2019 · How to Talk to a Guy over the Phone. Want to call the guy you’re crushing on but don’t know what to say? Or are you stumped on how to talk to the guy you’re dating on the phone? Whether it’s your crush or your boyfriend, it can be

Did you try out the ideas I gave you in the phone call post? Let me how it worked, use the comments below. Every time you put down the first phone call with that customer who could buy from you, the first two things you do are: Raise your hands up in the air, jump

And if you pick up the phone (or pick the phone up), you answer a call when the phone rings. “Hang on a second” If you are talking to a receptionist, secretary or switchboard operator, they may ask you to hang on while they put you through – put through means to connect your call to another telephone.

“You’re Talking Over Me” or “Please Hear What I Am Saying” We have to educate people in how to treat us. Perhaps a friend doesn’t realize that talking over someone else is a bad thing. Maybe they grew up in a family where everyone interrupted each other and

Over the phone, it can be doubly challenging. Because your customer cannot read your facial expressions or body language, your voice and words need to provide that expression over the phone. There are some useful tips you can keep in mind that will help you

You like her. But how do you know if SHE likes YOU? It seems like girls are a mystery, but there are signs that a girl likes you over text. Ever since the mobile phone came into being, texting has been a staple dating precursor. Nowadays, it is impossible for